Dear Colleagues,

The XXXVIII. Turkish Microbiology Congress with International Participation will be organized between November 04-08, 2018, at Starlight Hotel, Antalya. We endeavor to emphasize various sub-fields of microbiology within the Congress scientific program. Besides medical/clinical microbiology, fields such as food hygiene and microbiology, environmental microbiology will be included in the Congress program as panels or conferences with most recent subjects.

While having the five-day Microbiology Congress with International Participation, the Ankara Society of Microbiology will organize the 10th National Molecular and Diagnostic Microbiology Congress in one of the parallel halls, as a one-day program. The International Symposium on Migration, Travel & Infection organized by the Parasitology and Migration & Travel Infection Study Groups of Turkish Society of Microbiology in collaboration with the Turkish Society for Parasitology will be held in another parallel hall, as a one-day program in English.

  • Congress Start Date:
    04 November 2018
  • Congress Completion Date:
    08 November 2018




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